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We design and implement dynamic and interactive seminars/workshops aimed at assisting businesses with improving aspects of the workplace culture, including helping employees with issues such as stress and burnout, emotional health and wellness, and optimal self-care. These programs are catered to match the specific needs of the employees within each business. We can modify existing programs or create new programs if there is a specific topic requested. If needed, we also work with family members of employees.

The following represent a select list seminars that are available to businesses:

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Past Events
Work-related Issues
Parenting Training Workshops
Weight Management

Personal Happiness, Success and Empowerment

Training Workshops for  Professional & Psychology Students



  UPCOMING EVENTS & WORKSHOPS                                                   [Top]  
  Seminar on: "The Art of Rational Parenting"
Organized by: 4PM - Singapore
Date: April 10, 2010
About 4PM
  One Day Anger Management Workshop  
  Anger Management Workshop  
  Conquering Stress Workshop  




  WORK-RELATED ISSUES                                                                           [Top]  

Balancing Life

Anger Management

Conquering Stress

Assertiveness Training

Stress Management at Work

Anger & Stress Management

ABC of Professional Happiness

Performance and Anxiety Management

Managing Depression During Recession

Mastering the Art of Personal Happiness

The Art of Rational & Successful Living

How to NOT let Recession become Your Depression

Eliminating Self-Defeating Behavior and Mental Barriers

Building Emotional Muscle for Professional and Personal Success












  PAST EVENTS                                                                                                [Top]                             
















  PARENTING TRAINING WORKSHOPS                                                  [Top]  
  Furthermore, we design and implement seminars and workshops that cater to needs to special interest groups and represent our various areas of expertise.  The following is a select list of seminars that are available:  

Rational Parenting

Managing Parental Anger

Dealing with your Teenage Kids

Rational Parenting for Asian Families

Saying NO to Peer Pressure (Pre-Teens and Teens)

Mastering the Art of Self Acceptance (Adolescents and Young Adults)

Assertiveness and Social Skills Training (Adolescents and Young Adults)



















  WEIGHT MANAGEMENT                                                                          [Top]  
Rational Weight Loss & Management




















The Art of Self Acceptance

6 Hour Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Intensive
















REBT in a Nutshell

REBT and Depression

Using REBT with Angry Clients

Using REBT with Muslim Clients

REBT and Anxiety Management

How to Use REBT with Religious Clients

6 Hour Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Intensive

The fee for conducting seminars for businesses, schools,  institutions, interest groups and individuals varies depending on the specific needs and the size of the audience.

We offer discounted rates for Non Profit organizations as well as free seminar/lectures to create public awareness of mental health